Madame Pink


What happens when you mix a fashion designer, a pink dog and 70s-80s American music?

Widening his creative expression to worlds other than fashion, Marco De Vincenzo just hit the spotlight crafting creations for Madame Pink, an irreverent tale of a pink-dream-gone-nightmare.
The American-noir-meet-Broadway-style play is directed by Franco-Argentine director, Alfredo Arias, who graciously mixes the best of theater, fashion, design, music and lighting into a visionary, culture-inspired story.

As a self-proclaimed fan of Disney’s ‘Fantasia’ and authentic fashion storyteller, De Vincenzo saw Madame Pink as a golden chance to step out of the prêt-à-porter perimeter. The costumes are vibrant, extravagant and rich in personality, absolutely in line with this lighthearted and color-infused contemporary production of the Teatro Stabile of the Naples National Theatre.

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